Make Ubuntu 14.04 look like Mac OS X

Rocking this theme right now together with the Ultra-flat icons counterpart that belongs in the same project in Ubuntu For those users, who want to install it, open terminal and run the following series of commands to install Flatabulous icon theme:. For other Linux distributions, instructions can be found here. This is yet another GTK-based theme with the basic material-inspired icons that are visible all through the operating system, however, Luv is mainly an icon set and has no theme bundled with it.

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Luv is hugely undone as it lacks a quite a number of icons but overall impressive nonetheless. You can always track the progress of development on their GitHub. The installation instructions for Luv Formerly Flattr theme, can be found here. Reiterating the statement, Mono Dark Flattr combines Luv Flattr and Ultra-flat icons from two distinctly different projects to give you the best of both worlds. To install Mono Dark Flattr icon theme, follow their instructions here. Vivacious is another icon suite that follows the concept of combining already existing icon sets with some added tweaks for consistency on the desktop.

Install Mac OS X Lion Theme on Ubuntu 12.04

Vivacious is as a result of the combination of Luv Flattr , Emerald and Plasma-next. Vivacious like Mono Dark Flattr is only an icon set and can be used in combination with other themes like Flatabulous or Paper to give unified Material experience.