Thanks for the feedback! The WordCounter is targeted at people who want to track their progress over time. What were you looking for when you downloaded the app, if I may ask? Productivity increases if the result is visible.

The productivity of a writer, journalist, author is the number of words. Almost all applications in which you type text, somehow it is considered, some are better, others are worse, others are more visible. I wondered if there was an application that would count how much I typed at all, in all applications.

It turned out, yes, there are. Tried, tested and stopped at Word Counter for Mac.

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What can I tell you? Perfect application, very nice interface and graphics, visually displays the number of words by day, by applications, there is a calendar where you can see how much was printed on a given day, you can add a specific file and track it. I think the application is must have to writers. My writing habit became so much more productive with the help of this app! Thank you so much! Easy to handle and it just does what I need it to do! The specialized counting through the hours of my working time is brilliant!

AnyCount 3D: Word Count Software for Translators

And: I love the possibility to track down every word I wrote in every app I used! No more cheating about how much things I got done in a day! I did love this App, I think it follows the Mac App designed rules. All Well Designed! And though I pay twice by accident, the author kindly replay to my email, And we chat so comfortably, we become good friends. I love the experience, Indeed!

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The app's icon loves me! Where does all the time go?

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This app helps to sort it out. Have I been busy today?

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How much typing did I actually do? Reliable and predictable app. WordCounter is a great app, if you want to know how much writing you accomplish in your days. And if you are a statistics junkie like I am, you will love this app!

It provides a great overview of my writing and keeps me motivated to go on. I use the wordcounter since its beginning. It is one of my key apps for my productivity controlling. If I write to less in some of my apps I know that something is of my writing. You can see when your productive hours are and have some serious insights into your writing behavior.

Word Counter

Great app. This is a great app. It's really satisfying to see the hourly pie chart of productivity. You can see how productive you are through the day. It really needs an option to be able to see previous days activity. The Word Counter is all about giving you insights in your productivity as a writer. What gets measured gets accomplished.

By giving specific feedback about the quantity of your writing, we believe that the most important aspects of your writing can be improved. Currently the app is tracking daily words and their distribution across applications. It keeps a complete record of your daily achievements for you to look at in the history. Discover New Mac Apps.

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Word Counter 1. Track how many words you write, when, and where. Download Now. More specific metrics are on the way, and we plan to finish a lot of the following: Ratio of distracted writing vs. Version 1. Requirements for Word Counter macOS Similar Software.