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Hey everyone, I was wondering if you know of any dupes to the MAC brush? I can not afford to spend 30 something dollars on a brush. I am so broke but I really want this brush could you guys please help me shed some of your brilliant light on my makeup infatuation.

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Thank you all. O and P. I do not care what brand it is as long as it cheaper than the MAC one. Ha ha, I was just googling this Sadly I don't know of any I haven't seen one. It might be a brush that's just worth saving up for. My Blog: Beauty in color Beauty of color. Sephora has good brushes and they are less expensive.

Any more suggestions? Have you tried the flat top buffer brush from Sonia Kashuk's line at target?

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  • The shape and density of the brush is slightly different, but it works better than the for foundation, contouring and powder, IMO. Also my is always shedding, and judging by the makeup alley reviews, I am not the only one with this problem. Originally Posted by aziajs I haven't seen one. Originally Posted by AmandDUR i have the everyday minerals kabuki - its certainly a nice brush, but its no You know, look at it this way! You always get what you pay for! Originally Posted by Ode to Joy do you think the is better?

    I've never seen a reasonable dupe of the I agree with those who say it is worth saving for. It really is a wonderful brush. Please consider supporting Specktra with a membership subscription! Forum questions? Originally Posted by Ode to Joy but you can use the with powder foundation, too, right.

    I looove my brush. But honestly it really is just a very long handle baby kabuki brush!!!

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    But I agree with the others, save up for it! If not, look for a small baby kabuki. Originally Posted by thelove4tequila I looove my brush. Hi, i joined spektra just to answer this post I bought the mac recently, then i saw in my local priceline aussie drugstore a dupe that was half the price. I was wondering if you can do a comparison with Bdellium brushes too.

    I heard they are awesome too. I was watching some reviews on YouTube and the gurus were sent the brushes for free to do a review.

    MAC Brushes or Dupes?

    Maybe you can too I've seen a cool dupe for the Sigma Kabuki face brushes on eBay - they're by a seller called Essencia-Beauty have you checked them out? They seem really similar If you are looking for best beauty products. I think this place is wonderful to get accessories at affordable rate. Thank you for sharing this incredible content makeups.

    Best Affordable Makeup Brushes + Mac Brush Dupes!

    I'm one of the fun of collecting Professional makeup brushes. Makeup Brush Set.

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    Cheap makeup brushes. Thank you for your post. This is excellent information. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site. Post a Comment. As we all know that MAC brushes are considered to be the best brushes ever. But not all of us can afford the sky high prices. So for a long time I have been looking for the best dupes for the MAC brushes at affordable prices. But when you go brush set hunting not all the brushes in the set are worth buying or there are brushes in the set that you dont really need. So here I am going to share with you guys the brushes I think to be the best affordable dupe for MAC brushes for half the price or less.

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