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DMG version that a fair few youtubers have up and running on retina macs, but i dont wanna download a 13GB file if its not modable or going to kill my mac performance. Contrary to popular belief, installing things onto your computer isn't bad for it. It's not going to kill your mac performance when there's none What on earth makes you think a laptop should be able to handle it? Retina what size?

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Otherwise you will have to bootcamp it or maybe someone was made a wrapper for it - I have no idea, it's up to you to do some digging. Will it run well? Depends on your model.

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And do not run it in full resolution if you want a stable framerate. GTA runs like crap, i wouldn't want to try it on a laptop. GTA runs like crap, i wouldn't want to try it on a laptop kraken This. Also, considering it's a laptop, a mac, and you have to use that emulator, just go play valve games.


I know Mac users are generally clueless but how do you think a game "kills" your laptops performance when the game is not running? Ramborghini bumps an ancient thread and does illegal things at the same time PC Gamers in a nutshell. Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard! He so pleased that, to this day, many prefer to have fun with the title rather than take advantage of the latest releases of the series. For you who are fans of this remarkable game, some addicts decided to bring San Andreas to "the future".

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  8. The MOD has been developed a few years ago and only now has been released a version open to the public. By still being in a first beta, many bugs are present, such as the lack of people or cars on the streets, problems in the light effects, absence of sounds and large breaks of polygons. Despite the problems, the entire map of San Andreas is available and the player is able to tour the city using a bicycle - vehicle removed from the options in Grand Theft IV and brought back by the fans!

    Downloading through file sharers When you click to download MOD, you will actually find a file in the torrent extension. Therefore, do not be alarmed by the small size of the data received, since the download of the MOD itself will only occur afterwards. The process seems complicated, but it is in Portuguese, something that can make life easier for many users.

    Therefore, your first action should be to choose the Portuguese language, and then continue. On the next screen you receive the welcome of the program, just proceed. Then the installer will ask if you should "prepare a GTA folder". This is the easiest way to follow the process, so check the first option "Copy the current GTA folder and prepare the mod" and continue. When clicking to proceed, the program will identify the version of the game installed on your machine.

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    For the MOD to function properly, the game must have one of the following updates: 1. Let everything happen automatically, do not interfere with any process, and preferably avoid doing other tasks on your computer. After preparing the folder, the software will start the MOD installation process. To avoid setbacks, select the first option: "Recommended". Among the files to be added by the program are some patches that allow the correct operation of the MOD, as well as some graphical changes to the game, such as new textures for plants and walls, for example.

    Wait for the process to finish. When it's all over, just click on the button available to start the game. Even with versions 1. To do this, click here and download these files. Then, install the patch that makes your game back to version 1. After the installation, access the game to see if the process went well, before performing the procedures to add the GTA IV San Andreas.

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    The installation of MOD, even in Portuguese and with a virtually automatic process, presents several setbacks, such as incompatibility problems between versions, for example. In addition, adding some graphical details may make the game not work, requiring the user to do the work manually, excluding the visual inclusions one by one, until you find out what the problem is.

    At night, for example, in some places the screen will be all black, because there is no lighting inside the game. When moving around the city, you may notice some problems in the buildings, such as breaking polygons and walls that can be crossed. Other problems also came up during our tests, like the absence of any other vehicles or people on the streets, leaving only your character with the bike to know the whole city.